Another Great Cam: Huntington Beach Pier, in California

DonateWe are developing a means to display the thousands of live Pyramids images captured here on PyramidCam over the past 4 years so you can browse them by date. To start with here are some of the 'best' images from PyramidCam.



Best PyramidCam Images Evah! - Have a look at some of our most spectacular Pyramids images captured by PyramidCam Live over the past 4 years. --> Go.


Mariëlle Capture - This object was captured on the PyramidCam image on November 6 at 23:41 by Mariëlle. You can see the full image here. It's very interesting because it appears to be moving up and not side to side like most meteors we see. There is another frame that contains a smaller image below it which is earlier in time. I'll post both after some analysis.




What in the world is this? See more images of this object in a gallery.







Tom Hartlove forwarded the setting Sun image on the left this morning. I noticed a spot in the NE section and checked for sunspot activity. It's a pretty close match, I think. The latest sunspot cycle has been very slow to get started, but this is a big one. View the full size image by clicking on the image below:



Captured by Diane on October 26th at 22:37:25

This is probably a meteor in three pieces, but depending on the speed of the object, it could be a single meteor spread across the image. The path is S-N and downward, typical for a meteor over the Pyramids at this time of year.


PyramidCam Best Images


Go Back in Time - Here is a review of some of our best images from Pyramidcam over the past four years:

Best PyramidCam Images 1

Best PyramidCam Images 2

Best PyramidCam Images 3



Where on the Earth are We?

Google EarthPyramidCam on Google Earth - Here you will find our placemark that locates the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Sound and Light Show and our camera position. You will need to have Google Earth installed to view.

Have a look at the camera location


What's the Weather Like Today?


WeatherWeather - Go here to have a look at the latest weather activity in Egypt. The annual winter - Spring storms are starting and you can watch them roll in from North Africa bringing rain, wind, sand and cooler weather to the area.



September 9th - It's been nearly a month since our last comment here on PyramidCam, but the long hot summer is nearly over and much works needs to be done on the site now that schools around the world have started again and our traffic starts to pick up. AnimalCams -


August 11th - We have not had an ultra- interesting capture for some time, but this is certainly one! Diane caught this one on the 8th of August and we have never seen anything quite like it. I can't see a beam of light doing THAT.


You can see the full size image here



How big are the Pyramids? Compare here......



June 8th - Diane reports a red streak on on the PyramidCam image on June 7th at 21:31pm Cairo time.

It's a period of yearly meteor activitiy, but this light does not appear to be moving.




Odd Capture by Diane from today, May 2nd Cairo time. Click to see full image.





Unknown Object


Thanks to Diane in Indiana for capturing this meteor trail and sending it to us. November and December often provide images of meteors entering the atmosphere, or in this case passing through the atmosphere. This example is traveling at an upward angle from left to right and back from the redish head there are trailing two hotspots. Due to the high speed of the object, our camera exposure causes the light spread out over the image. It thus appears that we have captured three pieces of one meteor that has perhaps broken up after entering the atmosphere. Since we have an angle and exposure time, we could estimate the object's speed at various given heights above the earth. To be visible, a meteor must be within 120 miles of an observer, become visible on average at 55 miles above the earth's surface and burn up by 50 miles above the surface. This meteor is moving between 50,000 and 150,000 mph. Pretty awesome.




November 9th - The Two PyramidCam sunsets from the 8th were featured on Coast to Coast on Sunday. (see Listener's Emails).






Image date: 9/13/08 - This was a PyramidCam image captured off a live cam site by one of our Forum members who kindly forwarded it to me. From our experience it could not be a bird, plane, helicopter, insect, camera artifact or kite. I don't have a full size original, so it is not as clear as it could be.

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